As part of our last weekend break of the year, five of our clients had a great day on the Saturday at Movanagher fish farm, about 16 miles from Coleraine.   We started out in the morning at the nearby Movanagher canal, which is connected to the River Bann.

And though the sun was shining, during our 90 minutes of fishing, we didn’t catch any fish!  But the clients really enjoyed it, nonetheless.  Mind you, we do usually have more success, especially when we use the specially developed Angling First lake at Dromore, where nearly all our clients this year have been able to fish for a range of game and coarse fish – and many have been able land a successful catch.

After a lovely picnic, one of the fish farm staff, Teddy Roughan took us on a tour of the farm where we saw the different stages of the life of the brown and rainbow trout  produced there, starting from the egg stage and moving up to the adult fish.  

The clients really enjoyed this as they had the chance to use large fishing nets to scoop some of the fish out of the tanks and have a look at them.

During the weekend we were based Castlerock and on our first night, the Friday, we had a workshop from Geri of Chocolate Manor in Coleraine, a company which both makes chocolate and also runs demonstrations.  For us Geri did a workshop in making chocolate caramels and chocolate lollies – all of which went down very well with the clients!

After the fishing on the Saturday we all went down to the beach at Castlerock.   Because the weather was so kind clients were able to go looking for shells, drawing on the sand or just sitting back and relaxing.

On Saturday evening, after a meal in Coleraine, we went to the Riverside Theatre and saw a band called the Illegals, who do covers of the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac, which the clients loved.

All in all, a great weekend.